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Michael Ritorto, CPT

Michael Ritorto has been helping people reach their health and fitness goals all over California since 2001. Having worked with all populations - he understands that no two bodies are the same and thus not one workout, method or technique works best for every muscle, individual, or goal. Michael was born with severe Hemophilia A, a blood disorder which results in joint degradation. As a teenager he was forced to take up exercise and strength training to help support his joints that had been damaged from years of internal bleeding and that would continue through life. Michael has been dealing with strengthening around “bone on bone” issues since his youth and this began his obsession with learning how to exercise effectively, but safely.


While attending St. Mary’s College of California in the San Francisco bay area, Michael managed a fitness studio specializing in quick, safe, efficient workouts. Michael trained other instructors in the technique and ensured the highest level of customer care and service. After which Michael joined the team of Dr. Alvin Loosli, an orthopedist who opened a super­ slow facility (high-­intensity, low impact strength training) and private practice, where the team helped to educate patients on the value of strength training on health and well­-being.


From there Michael moved to San Diego, where he worked for Casa Palmera, an addiction treatment facility in Del Mar, California. Collaborating with a massive staff of physicians, physical therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and numerous others, Michael designed workout programs for the institution residents based on their specialized needs. Properly chosen physical activity helped the residents overcome their addictions and helped lead them to a level of physical well being some hadn’t seen in years.. Concurrently Michael worked for The Perfect Workout in their Mission Valley and La Jolla studios, helping the Mission Valley studio to break not only studio records, but company records for the most clients served. He also volunteered at San Diego Spine and Sport in Kearny Mesa, to learn about spine strengthening and rehabilitation from their physical therapists and specialists.


For 6 years Michael practiced orthopedic rehabilitation two days a week at a Beverly Hills physical therapy clinic under Dr. Karen Joubert and her team of physical therapists and assistants. He is up to date on current rehab techniques for musculoskeletal injuries and how to slowly progress and strengthen around existing injuries.


Michael has experience from weekend warriors to professional athletes, orthopedic rehabilitation to gym rats, junior high schoolers to nonagenarians, people with special needs, and those looking to lose weight and change their body composition.


Michael is currently seeing clients at his private studio Train Three 10 in Beverly Hills, California and is also available for in home visits, no equipment is necessary. Michael graduated from St. Mary’s College of California with a B.S. in Health Science. He is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.



Annie Uttaro

Annie has been a fitness professional for twelve years. After moving to Los Angeles from Massachusetts six years ago, she quickly became one of Los Angeles’ most sought after group fitness instructors. In addition to managing her own private training studio and clients, she has a dedicated following at Easton Gym Co of Hollywood, Burn 60 Studios in Brentwood and West Hollywood, and Health House West Hollywood.


Annie is a certified personal trainer and certified group fitness instructor. She specializes in total body transformation, whether it be weight loss or increase in muscle mass - she will create a custom program to fit the individual.


Annie has a background in dance, boxing, martial arts and strength and physique competing. Annie is also certified in indoor cycling, kettlebell sport, TRX suspension training;, powerlifting and olympic lifting. In addition, Annie is a certified weight loss coach, nutritional specialist and conditioning specialist. 


Educating her clients on different methods of training, utilizing different tools, and challenging her clients both mentally and physically, is a strength for Annie. Her passion and enthusiasm not only to help her clients achieve their goals, but also to share her knowledge, skills and unique approach to training, is greatly reflected in her work. 


Annie currently continues to teach group fitness classes around Los Angeles and is available for private instruction in-home or at her private personal training studio in West LA.


"Find simple exercises you can do pain free, then load them."

Michael Ritorto, CPT


10590 1/2 West Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

(619) 507-0415

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